Training in World Class Maintenance practices

    Reliability and availability are crucial to support the refining process and a strong management process and skilled workers support these concepts. Long-term workers are retiring and, most of them, are taking their knowledge with them. With our outcome-based training program, customers can make it easier for new capabilities to be added by the maintenance shift or enhance the knowledge of a new group of workers. We can provide support to add a solution to most kind of rotating equipment. The areas we can provide a hands-on training program with low costs – Centrifugal and Reciprocating compressors, Mechanical seals, API Seal plans, Pump, Gearbox, Bearing housing protector (open or hermetic system), Turbines, Vans, etc.

Centrifugal Compressor repair support

   The importance of turbomachinery maintenance is witnessed in the increasing expenditures to monitor the equipment to ensure safe and reliable operations. Most parts of these resources are ensuring the move to better, actionable items and operations. Turbomachinery does not run in isolation, so it is very important to check the general conditions of the unit and the whole machine condition, before deciding what kind of maintenance is going to be applied.

Pump repair support


          A centrifugal pump is one of the simplest equipment in any process plant. Its purpose is to convert the energy of a prime mover first into velocity or kinetic energy and then into pressure energy. Unfortunately, there are many situations that pumps are a bit of a nightmare, to put it mildly. To maintain competitiveness, end-users and engineers know that new technologies must be applied in old pumps, mainly in the sealing system and in the bearing housing. By a strong background, we are able to give high-level support in pump maintenance, including modifications that can be implemented to resolve seal and bearing failures in all kinds of pumps to enhance mean time between failures. We direct and oversee the implementation of the world-class maintenance standards and standardization programs of machine components that reduce inventories and time repair, promote technological updates and eliminate possible failures. Conversant with API 682 and API 610 in order to implement sealing system designs to improve pump reliability and manage rotating bad actors. We also coordinate standardization programs for machine components such as; bearings, seals, pump impeller and lubrification devices in order to select the best options and evaluate their performance.

Coupling repair or replace

       Disc and diaphragm couplings used in turbomachines are not a “wear item”, such as other machine components, that normally can cause a decrease in equipment performance and are typically repaired or replaced on a time-based schedule. There are models designed to be maintenance-free and can even outlast the equipment to which they are connected if operated within their rated capacities. Although misalignment is typically the main cause that affects the service life of coupling, there are other bad conditions that can also reduce the lifetime as environment, equipment, and operating conditions, process conditions. We can provide the right direction to decide what to do when facing coupling failure or how to prevent it.

Reciprocating Compressor repair

       Compressor parts can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new one, but the decision to repair or replace takes some effort to get the right decision. Our knowledge allows customers to rebuild parts like cylinders, valves, crank, packing boxes, unloaders, cylinder lines, connecting rod, crosshead, back to original sizes. With our experience, we can easily give directions to the replacement of parts to meet project specifications.