We pride ourselves in our ability to give all in order to ensure your satisfaction. We want to bring the best maintenance solutions that the oil industry has taught us during the last thirty-five years. We aim to discuss the problem and give the right support to the right problem.



    Reliability and Maintenance are an integral part of the downstream hydrocarbon processing industry. Since equipment failures can easily result in expensive unit shutdowns, companies maintain the mindset that spending to improve reliability and equipment conditioning is worth it. The increasing competitive pressure that process industries faces are driving changes in the operational and maintenance needs of process plants, utilities, and pipelines. Facing the ongoing need to reduce startup time, be safer, increase turbomachinery availability and get most out of all kinds of assets, while also dealing with smaller workforces and lower budgets, can be an overwhelming challenge. We are capable to support most kinds of rotating equipment maintenance operations. With a long-term experience of about 35 years in the refining and processing industry, we are able to give directions in crucial points, where mistakes usually happen.